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As we race through the spring I'd like to take a moment to reflect on tradition. 

Often times people associate tradition with a lack of progress or change.  Some have even said that tradition is a roadblock to innovation and can prevent us from moving forward.  However, as military spouses we know better.  We know that tradition is the bridge that connects the past to the future.  Tradition helps us remember that our successes are not ours alone but are possible, in part, thanks to the many who have come before us. Tradition serves to remind us of our responsibilities of service and charity.  Tradition does not exist to keep us focused on the past but to fuel our future endeavors.  Traditions also help build bonds of sister and brotherhood and give us a sense of TRIBE. 

If in doubt, look to the many traditions of the Marine Corps and of the Camp Lejeune OSC.  We had a wonderful time raising money for charity with the First Annual Dogwood 5K FunD Run.  We also celebrated the bonds of friendship and TRIBE at our traditional Annual Joint Luncheon.  And finally, we will celebrate our mission and one another at the upcoming Mock Mess Night.  All of these events connect the service and community of the past to the charity and TRIBE of tomorrow.  Tradition becomes our legacy.  I am proud to be a small part of a long line of charitable and service-centric spouses.  I know you are too.

Cheers to tradition! And as always, keep those with deployed spouses close to your hearts and minds.  

See you at Mess Night!



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